Saving Dogs...One lap at a time.

Advanced Canine Education (ACE), an approved 501 (c) 3 organization, accepts donations that qualify for deductions.  ACE has no paid staff or employees.  It underwrites each project for dog swims and Red Cross classes, and other services; so expenses are minimal and there is no overhead. 

Our Mission

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Thanks to a grant from the Binky Foundation we are installing live, streaming video, of shelter dogs swimming.
Watch a dog you sponsor, or a dog you might fall in love with, live during their swimming lesson-or in our archives.

Dog First Aid

How To Help


ACE swims injured, recuperating, shelter dogs in need of rehab, skills, or socialization, 

dog referrals from vets, first responders, service and therapy dogs.  

Sponsor a dog swim for $25,

a month of swims for $100, or 

4 dogs for a month for $400.  

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Watch Shelter Dogs in Action...

Advanced Canine Education is a unique organization, with a multiplier effect.  ACE supports dogs by giving services to dogs, and to those who serve them.  We help dog related charitable organizations, rescue groups, first responders, service dogs, therapy dogs, police k9 dogs, and provide training for the staff members of these groups.  We focus on… 
  1. American Red Cross Canine First Aid & CPR training and certification, so the professionals and volunteers working for dog organizations can identify, and handle, emergency situations until appropriate veterinary assistance is available. 
  2. Dog swimming in a heated, indoor, specially equipped, saline pool for injured, recuperating, unadoptable (in need of skills, confidence, or socialization), geriatric dogs referred by dog organizations and veterinarians.  
  3. Specialized training and educational opportunities for students, dog owners, and the public, including Red Cross, speakers, and pre-Vet college programs, high school Vet Assistant programs, and dog clubs.